Cool Mill is a modern-day renaissance man, full of many talents. He’s a musician, public speaker, businessman, husband, and proud father, most notably recognized for his ability to understand and relate to people from all walks of life, while connecting them musically. Born and raised in Homewood, one of the most rugged neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, PA, Cool Mill was very familiar with street life and how it affects the minds of those in them. Giving credit to experiences he faced as a youth, Cool Mill vowed to maintain a positive outlook on life, and learned how to use his education and street awareness to relate to the people of today.

His character and personality led him from Homewood to Nashville, TN at Tennessee State University, where he used his leadership and gifts to earn positions as Student Government Association President, Mr. TSU, and chartered Iota Phi Theta and WUAN Click. His yearning for technology, innovation and communication, caused him to purse a degree in Computer Science and Communications, graduating with Honors from the University Honors Program. His love for TSU lives on, as he established the “Cool Mill” scholarship to fulfill his commitment to excellence and service, while providing opportunities for students walking similar paths to pursue higher learning.

Coolmill left TSU and moved to Atlanta to purse his dream of being an Engineer, working for multiple Fortune 500 Corporations, earning multiple awards for excellence. He also established his own Real Estate Firm Kumbaya International Reality Group (KIRG), serving as Broker. Throughout his career, he has juggled both Corporate, Entrepreneurialism and Music, showing his dedication to excel in anything he pursues.

Music has always been his passion as he holds a catalog of 100’s of recorded songs, and uses each of his experiences to bring a sense of life to the music he creates forming the perfect blend of fun and consciousness. His thoughtful and vibrant personality can be heard on each record as he purposefully edutains through music.

Diverse-City 2 tells a story of duality, perseverance, and triumph. Its purpose is to spark curiosity, inspire, and teach others about what happens when you live a purpose driven life. He reaches that moment of truth, and embraces the conflict that exists when business and pleasure becomes harmonious. This album has hit songs such as Don’t Give Up, Inappropriate, Flexin, and GO (Produced by Grammy Award Winning producer Six Sense), along with production from hit producers Skywalker, Tone Jonez, LnD, The Legion, Epistra, and Sean Ross. Cool Mill’s flow is often compared to the likes of Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and J-Cole as he drops songs that relates to diverse cultures and audiences around the world.