The Story

THE RULER IS BACK. Because it’s time that Hip-Hop becomes a way of life again, and provides the balance that people were once used to. Duality exists within us all, as we seek to be fulfilled both personally and professionally. The world has become more CRAZY, as the power of Capitalism has taken over. People have become tempted by possessing worldly things, and its lead to INAPPROPRIATE behaviors.

We are all at full GO, and the stresses of life got us FLEXIN, trying to keep up with the lifestyles of others, got us actin a little BOUGIE. Living for money, excitement and BOOTWANG. The reality is, people are STRUGGLIN. But we are resilient, so we DON’T GIVE UP! We won’t give up until we have FREEDOM! I KNOW this connected world of social media has made us anti-social, and disillusioned about reality, seeking acceptance and fame, but the benefits outweigh the limitations.

So, I’ve chosen to TAKE MY SWAG, Live the Dream, raise a family, and live a purpose driven life. With the ultimate goal of being a proud dad, and celebrating FATHER’S DAY, like a true MAN.